How To Register

  1. Registration Form Submit the form here. Once the form is submitted, our team will review the information and insert the information into a publicly viewable spreadsheet for tracking.

  2. KYC/AML Complete KYC/AML here. (Ignore all the references to investment on the portal; we just used their default template. Apologies for the confusion!)

    We have prepared a guide to the KYC/AML process here. Note that KYC/AML is mandatory before participating in any stage, and compensation is conditional upon you passing KYC/AML.

  3. Participation Agreement Instructions for completing the participation agreement W-9 will be emailed out to the email you provided, to be filled out and returned to us.

  4. Tax Documents: W-8 BEN or W9 Once your Coinlist KYC application is approved, our team will send either a W-8 BEN for international participants or a W9 via DocuSign. Fill out the form with the same information you used with CoinList.

  5. Status The status of your participation agreement will be tracked along with the other registration information. We’ll also try to notify you upon completion or rejection of any submitted participation agreements.