Create and configure a Solana validator

The validator identity keypair you created identifies your validator. Your validator public key, which you registered for the TdS, will receive an allotment of lamports in the genesis block that can be used to start your validator node. Note that airdrops have been disabled so the solana airdrop command will fail.

Configure Solana

Configure solana for your validator identity and Tour de SOL:

solana config set --url --keypair ~/validator-keypair.json

You should see the following output:

Wallet Config Updated: /home/solana/.config/solana/wallet/config.yml
* url:
* keypair: /home/solana/validator-keypair.json

You can see the wallet configuration at any time by running:

solana config get

Check Validator Balance

To view your current balance:

solana balance

Or to see in finer detail:

solana balance --lamports

If your validator identity keypair is created and the above command shows a non-zero balance, your validator is created and configured for TdS.

Your starting balance will be 500 SOL. Read more about the difference between SOL and lamports here.