Connect to the Solana network

Create Vote Account

Once you’ve confirmed the network is running, it’s time to connect your validator to the network.

If you haven’t already done so, create a vote-account keypair and create the vote account on the network. If you have completed this step, you should see the “vote-account-keypair.json” in your Solana runtime directory:

solana-keygen new -o ~/vote-account-keypair.json

Create your vote account on the blockchain:

solana create-vote-account ~/vote-account-keypair.json ~/validator-keypair.json

Connect Your Validator

Connect to the Tour de SOL cluster by running:

export SOLANA_METRICS_CONFIG="host=,db=tds,u=tds_writer,p=dry_run"
solana-validator --identity ~/validator-keypair.json --vote-account ~/vote-account-keypair.json \
--ledger ~/validator-ledger --rpc-port 8899 --entrypoint \

To force validator logging to the console add a --log - argument, otherwise the validator will automatically log to a file.

Confirm your validator connected to the network by running:

solana-gossip spy --entrypoint

This command will display all the nodes that are visible to the TdS network’s entrypoint. If your validator is connected, its public key and IP address will appear in the list.