Run a Validator

This document describes how to participate in the Solana testnet as a validator node.

Please note some of the information and instructions described here may change in future releases, and documentation will be updated for mainnet participation.


Solana currently maintains several testnets, each featuring a validator that can serve as the entrypoint to the cluster for your validator.

Current testnet entrypoints:

  • Developer testnet,

Solana may launch special testnets for validator participation; we will provide you with a specific entrypoint URL to use.

Prior to mainnet, the testnets may be running different versions of solana software, which may feature breaking changes. For information on choosing a testnet and finding software version info, jump to Choosing a Testnet.

The testnets are configured to reset the ledger daily, or sooner, should the hourly automated cluster sanity test fail.

There is a network explorer that shows the status of solana testnets available at

Also we'd love it if you choose to register your validator node with us at